View looking towards Times Square from The Press Lounge

NYC has seen the popularity of rooftop bars go through the roof in the past 10 years with better and better rooftop scenes happening all the time. Some are super trendy and nearly impossible to get into, others are more low key and relaxing. Some have views that can best be described as meh, and others have views that make you say WOW!”. The latter is where The Press Lounge rooftop bar comes in.

Located on the roof of the Ink48 Hotel on the corner of 11th Avenue and 48th Street, The Press Lounge is a must if you want to experience one of the top rooftops in NYC. Now, if I’m being honest, I have two knocks against it. The first is that it’s located on 11th Avenue, which is a bit of a hike out of the way for a lot of people. It’s pretty much by itself so it’s not like it’s located next to a bunch of other spots. You have to want it! My second knock against it is that the crowd can be a little bit of an after work crowd depending on the hour which you go there. Now obviously this will not be the case f you show up at midnight on a Saturday night, so don’t let my opinion deter you. Have at it!

The indoor bar at The Press Lounge

One of the things I love is the proximity near Times Square. In just a short 10 minute walk, you can experience one of the absolute best views in all of NYC, hands down. I know if I were visiting and I wanted to start my night on the town, or even end my night on the town and didn’t want to go to far from my hotel in Times Square, The Press Lounge would be one helluva great way to do it!

View of Times Square

Another thing that I really like about this spot is the diversity of the crowd. Sometimes you can find yourself in certain spots where everyone is the same and I always find that super boring. I always prefer to be around a diverse crowd. It’s just so much better that way. Plus you can easily see it has a great combination of locals and tourists, so who knows who you’ll meet there!

Bottom line, if you’re looking for a spectacular rooftop bar in NYC with the views of the city you always dreamed of, look no further than The Press Lounge. You’ll be glad you did!

Do you have any other rooftop bars that you love in the city? Chime in below in the comments!


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