What do you get when you combine watching sports with a big ol’ party? Bounce Sporting Club in Manhattan’s Flatiron District.

Bounce has be a really popular sport for at least five years now. To say it bucks the trend of just plopping down on a stool and eating nachos while watching sports would be an understatement. Bounce is more like a party meant to satisfy your need to watch every sporting event at once while also bringing in a sexy crowd. Sure they have a full menu of all the greatest hits that any self-respecting sports bar would offer; wings, tacos, nachos, burgers, etc., but they add a sexy wait staff and a really fun party atmosphere to kick it up several notches.

The best days to go are on weekends. The place is packed usually around noon and can have a huge line outside if there’s a big sports event taking place. With so many TVs in this place, you can have fans watching a half dozen sporting events at once. If you definitely are planning to got to Bounce with a group of friends, I highly recommend you make a reservation a few days in advance because they don’t take same day reservations.

What really separates Bounce from all other sports bars in NYC is how it transitions from a really fun traditional sports bar during the day to almost a club come early evening. My friends and I stopped by at 8pm on a Saturday and the great DJ was already cranking out the best hip hop around. The crowd was having a great time and those that wanted to keep their eye on the games could, and those that wanted to get their groove on right next to them could do that as well! There’s room for everyone here!

So next time you want to watch a sports event, why not break your standard routine and have a party while watching your favorite team? You won’t be disappointed!


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