Behold. The Brew Burger. It’s a gorgeous burger. It’s perfection. It’s delicious. So where do you ask, can I find this 9th Wonder of the World?? Just hop on over to the Greenpoint neighborhood in Brooklyn and step inside a little bar called The Brew Inn. Your life will never be the same.

Inside this unassuming spot on the corner of Manhattan Ave and Kent Street in Greepoint, you’ll find this cozy little bar that has seating for roughly 20-25 people. A great lineup of draft beers greets any and all guests.

Based upon the laid back attitude of the patrons and the chill vibe of the bartenders, you’d never suspect that the absolute best burger in all of NYC is just a order away. Just grab a seat, order a beer and look at the menu. But what you gotta order, no, what you HAVE to order when you come to The Brew Inn, is The Brew Burger. It is out of this world! Words cannot describe how perfect it is. The meat is cooked to perfection. The beautiful brioche bun and the crunchy yet meaty bacon on top. Not to mention the presentation of the burger served on a wooden plate rather than a standard plate. It all adds up to by far one of the best food experiences I’ve had in a long, long time.

No two hour wait. No hype. No hurried or rude staff. No Instagram freaks. Just a laid back spot for a beer, the very best burger, and some friendly people.

Now, a pro tip for you. I got there around brunch time on a Sunday and their brunch burger is a bit different from their dinner burger, which is The Brew Burger, so they simply offered to make the dinner burger and boom, I had the ultimate burger staring right at me 15 minutes later.

This may be sacrilegious, but I choose to get steamed kale as the side with the burger rather than tater tots so I can feel just a tad less guilty for indulging in such goodness. Can I tell you that the kale was amazingly delicious as well??! Go figure!

Anyway, for someone to say that The Brew Inn, which most people in the five boroughs haven’t even heard of, serves the best burger in NYC…..that takes guts. A lot of guts. Well, let me tell you folks, I have no problem putting what little reputation I have on the line and all the guts I have to tell you that The Brew Inn hands down delivers the best burger you’ll have in the entire NYC area, and I’ve tried them all!

So grab a subway, a taxi, a bike or walk over to The Brew Inn and try it for yourself. Feel free to comment or write me what you think about The Brew Burger. I know you won’t be disappointed!


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