Sometimes you want to relive a vacation you took a long time ago but you don’t want to spend a few thousand dollars to go back. Maybe a great restaurant will do the trick. Well, in the case of me wanting to go back to Spain and all of it’s greatness with food and music, I didn’t need to look any further than Socarrat Paella Bar in the Nolita neighborhood.

With an amazing line up of authentic tapas and almost a dozen different paellas, Socarrat will satisfy the cravings for anyone that’s looking for a taste of Spain. My friends and I happened to go there on a Wednesday night around 9pm and we got the extra bonus of a live Flamenco show with a really good band and a really good set of dancers. They were so entertaining and the music was so good. What a great way to spend an evening with your friends or loved ones!

Now the different paellas are priced per serving, and the prices can range from roughly $24 to $30 per serving. We had six people at our table and decided to get two different paellas with three servings each, which turned out to be a perfect amount. The servings of paella are generous and the presentation is great. They take about 35 minutes to cook so they ask that you put your order in for paella as soon as you can, but as you’re having some great Spanish beers or wines while watching the Flamenco show, the time flies super fast. One of the paellas we ordered was the Arroz Negro that comes in squid ink. Oh man, I’ll be dreaming about that dish for quite a while! We also got the Carne paella and let me tell you, it was delicious! We were scrapping the large pans that they come out on for every last bit we could because we didn’t want the goodness to stop!

The best part about Socarrat is that it’s an intimate restaurant on a quiet street in Nolita, so it’s ideal for a date or just a place to catch up with friends without having to worry about it being so crazy loud or so crazy packed that you can’t enjoy yourselves. We all left feeling satisfied for what we paid and for the outstanding experience and service.

If you’re looking for something different and you want to impress that special someone, or just have a great evening and feel like you’re on vacation, I’d absolutely say you need to make a reservation for Socarrat Paella Bar in Nolita. You can thank me later!


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