I have a sweet tooth. A serious sweet tooth. That’s why I try not to even get within a 10 block radius of the original Doughnut Plant location in the Lower East Side, otherwise I just have to go. I have to! It’s like a tractor beam.

With seasonal flavors like Yuzu, Rose Pedals, Ginger, Pistachio and others, Mark Isreal, Doughnut Plant’s founder, single handedly reshaped the doughnut game across America. He took a simple, popular creation and upped the game a hundred fold. Since his original location in the Lower East Side, he’s gone on to add several other locations across Manhattan and Brooklyn. Each location has the same amazing quality as the original.

Almost every day, especially on weekends, there’s a line of people waiting to get their hands on these bad boys. The choice between yeast doughnuts and cake doughnuts is one that I grapple with until the very last second when I’m called to order. The blueberry cake doughnut, pictured above, is one of my all time favorites. My friends absolutely love the Creme Brûlée flavor as well. You really don’t see that in a doughnut shop ever and let me tell you, it’s outstanding.

I also really love that Doughtnut Plant offers a tiny version of some of the doughnuts called Doughseeds. It’s a great way to get your sugar fix and taste the greatness, without all the guilt! Too bad they don’t make them in every flavor, but hey, it’s a start.

Oh and if you’re visiting during the winter, or anytime really, you absolutely must get their hot Indian chai. It is super flavorful and it’s the closest thing I still have yet to get in Manhattan that truly resembles a real Indian chai. Perfect for a cold winter day!

So if you want to taste some of the best doughnuts in all off NYC, and in my humble opinion, the US, definitely schedule some time and head on over to the Doughnut Plant in the Lower East Side or one of their other locations. You won’t be disappointed!



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