OK, I’m just gonna get right to the point and save everyone some time here. Prince Street Pizza in SOHO has the best slice in NYC (at least Manhattan), hands down, end of story, no arguments, save the drama for your mama, over and out. There. I said it.

Located on 27 Prince Street in SOHO, Prince Street Pizza has quietly been building a pizza empire. This is a place that I can say I easily dismissed as just another tourist joint that happened to be established in a great location. Wow was I wrong. When I first heard of their now famous pepperoni square slice, I didn’t think much of it. “How good could it possibly be?”….was my line of thinking. Well, dumb ol’ was absolutely wrong. It could be really good. I mean, really REALLY good!



The pepperoni is cooked to perfection. Each little slice of ‘roni is nice an crunchy. The crust is self is nice and toasted so it has a great crunch to it. The sauce is just enough to give it that zest but not too much to be a mess, and more importantly is nice and flavorful, not bland. Did I mention the mini grease pools on each of the pepperonis?! Yeah, so like I was saying, this is the best slice in all of Manhattan, hands down. Period. Order the square pepperoni slice and thank me later.

Now, I know people can’t wait to chime in with this place or that place or whatever. Stop it. Just stop. Prince Street Pizza, in Manhattan, is the truth. No need to go to 200 other joints. This is the one. This coming from a jaded New Yorker that never believes the hype. Well, this IS the hype!

Now be prepared for a bit of a wait. You know me, I hate lines more than anything on planet Earth, but let me tell you, I’d wait with a smile for this slice joint. Lines on the weekends can be a bit much, but hang in there my fellow traveler, you won’t be disappointed!

Pro tip; keep in mind this is a cash only joint, so bring that cash!

Guys, Prince Street Pizza is the spot. Get there and you can thank me later!

Have any other great NY slice joints that you’d love to tell the world about? Let us know in the comments below!


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